Joy killing brain intoxicated chain.

Blame it on my geans . Na

It’s my own damn fault.

Hank Williams  country singers they have something

Joy..happiness a gift from God. Is it that I’m not seaped into His person?

Physical pain, cloudyness, no affermation ……it’s the human side. 

Chance hello and chat, on the sidewalk, bring a spark a connection. That’s lifting. Making breakfast for my wife that’s lifting. 

Exhausted exhausted exhausted….throw me a rope! 

Read your Bible you fool. Says the voice. My …toxic person s affected my spirit so quickly.

My wife stobility my weather vein . My relief..

Rain. Plants . insects. Soil. Work. …..pleasure.

I don’t care if I don’t spell right .

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good Fri

This is Joel

Good Friday lesson alone with Dutchman breaches.

This is the time the captives are free.

Our savior alone doing his father’s will. Bringing his church to freedom.

Let your light so shine before men.

Jonah over people he didn’t am I so to be?

Ephemeral plants Cascades on a baron slopes. 

Habacuk watch tower over injustice.

He’s in the grave preaching to the dead. Me

Reserection hope.

Watch wait my grace is sufficient

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How the West Was Won by Melinda


So I just finished watching ‘The West’, the documentary by Ken Burns. I have watched probably an inordinate amount of KB documentaries in the past year because I had the time on my hands. I started watching this one because somewhere in the gun control chatter I said., “How the West was Won.” and that truly has something to do with it, but it is even larger. KB does not gloss over much, or play French horn triumph music in the background. In fact the theme music for this one was an Indian chant, the sound a little foreign to my Western Civilization ears.   I have three words for  how the West was won: treachery, greed , and arrogance. And guns of course. I was going to say treachery, treachery and treachery, and it all seems the same. Not much else. There are appalling government sanctioned  and…

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As I read the apostle Paul you are a church planter! Never think your a failure. 

You took the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of the neighborhood,culture and economic status that was indigenous to the block the church met.

Your service didn’t look like the service in Jerusalem, or the parent. Church that sent you.. the service serviced the people that walked by, literally, our windows and came in. Hallelujah.

The Lord surrounded you with people who where open to learn about and live within the “neighborhood of the church building”.

You tutored us, we met and engaged conversation and prayer for and about that neighborhood.

You touched hearts in the town square, in the prison, and on the side walks. Biking your way from block to block, eagerly showing the gospel works in relationships and through freindships.

That’s what you reenforced to us your core. Freindships like the Book of Ruth show us. Cross culturally, from differing people groups and culture, the gospel eroades biased, mean  historical narratives and economic difference. And replaces with a kinsman Redeemer.

Thank-you for teaching us, preaching to us, befriending us, challenging us and leading us.

Thank-you Clifford Stanley Morton

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the b-i-b-l-e

Yes that’s the book for me! 

My world revolves around the Westminster confession of faith, the shorter catachism, Calvin’s points and Tradition.

Or it had with out questions. I’m not abandoning these but I am surrounding myself with Christian s who aren’t like me. It’s refreshing. I don’t have to challenge their position nor save them. But embrace the fact that there’s no one right answer to how the Bible explains history, or behavior. 

The Bible isn’t a fine tune historical narrative. You want find answers to how all those people got here on the planet for Adams kids to get brides.

You will find the only two essential to life elements. The gospel and salvation.

Gospel isn’t so much that ……. Well feed the poor, clothe the poor  help the fatherless, visit the prisoner, do battle for the forgotten, love the unlovable. This includes I believe the gay, the refugee, the prisoner, the leper, the women, whomever is at your path….Love.

Salvation isn’t so much that you exit stage left….. It’s more like you live now,knowing there’s a bigger picture you will never understand, and you are forgiven and cleansed , because of someone else who’s name is Jesus, even though you can’t stop it. The sin.

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Huddle please

Teams need to huddle to make all the parts work effectively. So do business and church or any place people are gathered to do a function. Profit or non we need to have a leader and a plan from the leader to get all the points of the team to work more efficiently.

No one is an island in the word team. We know our jobs, but a huddle enables the tackles the running backs …all positions to know the play the driving force of that down. I like hockey so why am I using football metaphors?.

Burn out symptoms, I got. Insomnia, cynical, exhausted, Anger,

Mondays are everyday.

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Just so you’ll know  o Theophilus. 

I was stratagizing about all the cool workouts I was going to do. I love lifting weights. So now I’ve a nother plan. I’m gaining resolve to go at it. 

Then as if God said “right!” A knot in my lower lumbar, struck me with a pain and immobility I could hardly lift my leg to get up the stairs to collapse in bed. 

Its day three now. It’s a bit better, I’ve been using a foam roller, melinda has been applying oelbas ointment, I ve been trying to stretch. But can’t sit long and standing hurts. Missed outing with my cousin missed church. Missing work. 

Going to the chiropractor today.

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