cave in

scott, lead me out quick.

i was anticipation saying as this over whelming closing in of the crowd was surrounding me. my son in law scott, who”s children where preforming was close by. my grand children put on a fabulous performance and the whole school”s presentation was great for pre-k through 5 it was well organized and presented. but all of a sudden this cloud of claustrophobia swept over me.

but all was well and we exited after the completion with out mishap.  we got to visithteir class rooms and i was a ble to avoid my first christmas cookies. i minor victory.

these two grands are katatina and anika. 1st grade and pre-k respectively. they dress like princess’ katarina had ruby slippers , a blue dress and anika had a flaming red dress with a burger king paper crown on her head.

maybe its my age i don’t know . i have been feeling this crowd swelling over me with a little bit of regularity now. it was not as bad when i had a full body MRI a few years ago. where you lie still on this table that’s slid into this narrow tube. you are lying so close to the tubes ceiling you can’t lift your head. so when i had this throat clearing event from post nasal i felt the fear over whelming me and knew i had better think some happy thought quick.




Perennial plant propogator for Creekhill nursery. Over 40 years of experience with lots of plants from foliage, cut flowers, seasonal potted plants, annuals and perennials. A plant geek and nerd, i am

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