she broke her neck and was in a traction bed kept in one position for months. she healed enough to finally stand with help. those first weeks of knowing the dream shattered of athleticism, the dream shattered of walking normally, the dream shattered of a marriage to Bob.

she broke the engagement. he wasn’t hurt much from the t boned impact. but he was just heading from  college graduation to a life and she freed him from what she must have known to be a life of care giving.

alone again with all the questions of where was God and why did this happen and will she be able to be anything more then be a vegetable?

she healed enough to be transported in a single propeller plane to Baltimore from Michigan. she noted this transport in her journal so it must have had its own trauma of movement.

spinal injury is hard on the whole body. an one never really recovers fully. the next summer months spent down home where a learning of using a cain to help with the now permanent limp. her left hand was frozen in place. but she made it to through the pain and learned to walk. but down home was a good place to recover. yet she saw that if she didnt learn quick she would never get out of living with her parents.

not being satisfied with the shattered dream of not being independent she took her biology degree and went to summer school at wheaton to learn lab work and pursue a nursing carrier.

she was placed in a lab in williamsport, Pennsylvania. where loneliness came in waves. this is where she realized the exclusion from social life that a handicaped person recieves. she saw that she was to always be on the fringe of the main stream groups.

the year was 1951 when she had the accident now it was several years latter. but women had it hard especially handicaped women. she did meet a guy at the lab who took an interest in her. and they filled each other void for friendship.  they married and by 1956 i was born to a women who just five years ealier had not a clue she would ever walk again.


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