journey to florida

i hardly remember the exact trip to florida to live. i just remember a lot of treks to florida via route 301. yes before interstate 95 was completed. so no damn comments about my age. any way. i never remember any of these trips with my mom just my grandparents. and an occational cousin.

we stopped at stucky’s and Howard Johnson’s restaurants and motels. on one occasion some where in the deep south we stopped at a mom and pop motel. when we left in the am i noticed all the cars in the parking lot had cement post’s holding them in place. they where all decoys to make you think it was more full then not.
traveling with grand parents is traveling in style. lots to eat. and then no seat belts you could spread out.

there was that time when i discovered how quick chocolate melts in your pants pocket. another time when i was truly frightened well two times. one was when we where south enough to be in the okefenokee swamp. grand mom was locking the doors. and tell ing us of all the life threatening things that could happen if we broke down. then there was the time, maybe the last time i ate fish. grand mom started telling about people always getting fish bones caught in their throat and choking to death. my throat instantly started to feel an internal scrape like a bone was caught. but we all made it to seminole floida in one peice.

i think they where still working on the house when we went. someone selected scrap wood from the carpenters of the house and sanded me a set of blocks. the house was set on the edge of a grapefruit grove. an old spent grove that was not being use, yet the trees where a great place to climb and eat fruit from.
d. the school where mom was to work was a short walk through the grove field.
Keswick Christian school was set in tall live oak trees with drooping spanish moss. sand driveways surrounded the buildings.
there was a huge merry go round and some tall swings.

the real move came a bit later. but for now is was a trek back to Baltimore. counting the “see you at the border” signs. and hoping the car did not break down.


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