she taught 3rd grade then 1st. her whole time before and after school was spent preparing or teaching. Keswick Christian School was a private school in Seminole Florida. we lived next to the campus. she walked with a limp and had a paralyzed hand, she fell a lot ad i would be called from recess to help get her up.
yet she was independent. she made breakfast each morning ad supper each night. she took driving lesson and passed and got her self a 1968 mustang.

these early yeas from 1961 to 1967 before the car where struggles. we took the bus a lot to bookstores in st. Pete a place called Haslam. and to the library. im not sure when the mental switch from lab tech to teacher came. but she immersed herself her work at hand. we did a lot of taxi rides as well. i would be dragged along for all the rides. every year she broke the schools contract and saw movies like mary popins and the music man and the wizard of oz ad her favorite therolly modern Milly. popcorn kept me happy.

i started kindergarten in 1962. it was quite hard on her i suppose to see how much i despised going to school. i was just not sure of how to make friends and move out of my isolation to a world of interaction. my first teachers name was Mrs. Stonebreaker. she is the one who would accompany her to the movies and come over for dinner.

i loved to read and i loved math i just thought the right letter and number but what appeared on the paper was different. i was told to study so i did but it didn’t make any difference. so by 2nd grade i was kept another year. mom taught 3rd the and i didnt know if that was why i was kept back. Jana and mercy where the prettiest girls i second grade. i didnt mind.

when i got to fifth grade there was another boy whose mom was handicaped and we became friends. we where the care givers of our mothers.

her loneliness was fought back by work. saturdays we both atactd the tropical yard with great drive.pruning weeding edging. six grade was a huge transition for each of us.


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