last hours ….mary swain … outline

at work in the mid morning the call came from a nurse at the home. mom wasn’t responsive and refused the aspiration this was going on all night. should I give permission to send her to the hospital? I called her three brothers, they okayed my decisions. no hospital.  at the picnic tabke in the break room I hung my head and cried.
Melinda picked me up and we went down to the nursing home. calling our children. Jeannette was to be going to germany in a week should she come down from boston now?

on getting there we found her skin color quite grey, some what responsive, she did have an aspiration, her skin color changed to the better. and I called brother buzz he and aunt lee. we gathered chairs around the bed. Jeannette was coming , sam was coming from Phila. mom can I read you a psalm? she said yes, so I read and read and read.nick came and mary came
her breathing was labored and liquid sounding. she was not real communicative. the social services brought us a hospitality tray of snakes and coffee. a bed was offered for the night.
sam arrived. she noticed us all from time to time. her color was good her shoulders where not heaving with the breathing.  she did say she wanted to rest so we all left

I came back around 4 with mary. she was eating and drinking.we had to help her with holding the cup to her mouth from the tray. I was worried more liquid was going in the lung then the stomach.
sam came then after he left work he was talking to her, I read more psalms.

Jeannette arrived around 2:00 am i went and let her into the building.sam stayed at the house with the boys. Melinda was with us . the nurses brought a fold bed which i tried out but moms breathing was hard and liquid sounding and certainly not conducive to sleeping to. Melinda and i left around 3:30 am
Jeannette stayed the night at the home in moms room, listening to her labored breathing through the night. and rubbing her hand.

next morning I went down mom was responsive a bit.  Andy brought buzz in. this is when nurses came in to speak to mom and console  I broke down and cried at the tenderness, Jeannette placed her hand on my shoulder to comfort.

Jeannette left to go to our house and see to the boys. nick came and sat with me there.  buzz left.

she started to decline quickly. her breathing treatments where going but her breathing wasn’t getting better. nick and i where on the edge of our chairs because the breathing would have long pause between. the pauses got longer and longer and she left. nurses one on each side came to listen to her lunges and there was no more life on earth.

I called everyone. the home gave us much opportunities tp gather everyone to the bed side for moments. buzz, Cathy, Jonathon, Andy, Jeannette, nick, mary, sam, Melinda we read some more I spoke about how lovely the scripture put being gathered to our family. I called the florida church and some close friend to mom.

the funeral home guy was there real soon to take the body. but he had to leave and come back hours later untill we were finished.

the next day sunday we went down Jeannette , Melinda and I and cleaned out her room. driving away was hard.

there is something special about being in the company of a believer as they pass into the saviors presence. there at that moment eternity is connected in the same room.


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  1. Peggy Griffin says:

    Thank you for sharing.

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