lawn spoiled america

I mowed a lawn in a community near Lancaster named Stonehenge. so you can imagine these where not shabby suburbs. this one property needed the mown pattern to be very exact. equal stripes each shrub had a unique textural balance to the mansion.

the suburb people a half mile away wanted a cut lawn. so they could think their property was as handsome as the golf course’s.

in the city i have come across people who bring a new perspective, the urban forgers and the people who pursue the commons type of community. where there is a community garden

in america landscapes have been  a reflection of financial posture, it sickens me. and it’s sickening and quite killing the river systems and bays.

the general public don’t know what is possible in their own yard. the produce they could bring forth. being a community that knows how plants grow is foreign. a lot of people don’t know that Brussel sprouts grow up a stem. or just how large collard leaves really are.

square foot gardening has been around for some decades. it is an easy way a non intimidating way of turning lawn to garden. in a systematic and planned way. go for it people. Homesteading / Survivalism‘s

Food Not Lawns: How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden And Your Neighborhood into a Community [Paperback]

it’s a book you can do this. it’s not cool any more to mow your lawn every saturday and definitely not cool to throw chemical fertilizer and herbicides on it.


Perennial plant propogator for Creekhill nursery. Over 40 years of experience with lots of plants from foliage, cut flowers, seasonal potted plants, annuals and perennials. A plant geek and nerd, i am

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