moms years with a son

at church,last week,a gal announced she was pregnant. and that she has a back condition that was to keep her from being pregnant.she is over joyed and thankful for this false reality to her painful spine.

i cried because my mom who had just broken her neck five years prior to my birth was just so diagnosed. as far as i know her birth of me was ok. after all im here and normal. well some think i am. i was breached i learned by moms journal, yet no notes of complications.

there is no doubt i am a gift for my mother as well as another person on the globe. for her i provided a child to help pick her up when she fell on the school play ground. a companion to go see movies with, go to the library, beach and ride the city bus with.

i could write a paragraph on her faults but now she has none. she is clothed in a garment that washed away any trace of fault. as will all who die in the arms of Jesus.

liver and onions seemed to be her favorite food to cook. with peas and mashed potatoes. i did not care for it, but learned to eat it and share it with our miniature schnauzer, and hide portions in the napkin. i would be there to make sure she had sun tan lotion on the areas of her back her good hand couldn’t reach when going to the beach. sun set was her favorite time to drive down to madeira beach and watch to big ball of fire sink into the gulf of mexico.

mom got her driving licence and the world was a different place. i was glad when decade or so later seat belt laws were passed. she did have a lead foot.driving accually quite wore her out. she held the steering wheel with such a white knuckle grip. her brother mentioned it to her, i remember, and i think she adjusted. i just prayed allot.

sending me off to an iowa  boarding school was not easy. let alone living alone after my step father passed away. but this is where a new story starts…….


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