Daily Prompt: Musical

What role does music play in your life

Its the crust on the bread baby.

Music enriches everything we do, or I. do from cooking, to worship,to mourning to celebrating. I even take bob dylan pandora station in the bathroom as i shower.

Music is more then an emotional shroud though. Music is mathematical and logical, it brings complexity and energizes the brain. I sit in on symphony’s and listen but also feel the action of the instruments, I’ve seen arlo guthry strum a guitar and ballad my beer. ive seen Bob Dylan one more time, ive seen the Alarm,Nickel Creek, Edgar Winter, Sonny and Cher, grace potter and the nocturnal and others.

everyone is musical, i was taught in high school as we all had to be in the chorus. And i believe we all have a gene for music interaction. My deaf grandson jammed with a little guitar and sang out. He does have a Ci. when at Christmas my daughter got out her cello and son his acoustics guitar and wife on the recorder. I watched the Messiah preformed this winter and loved to watch how many people in the audience mouthed along and bobbed their heads to the familiar music.

Music is like oxygen, we need it for life to work better.

We started our children on the piano. so they could learn chords and learn to read music. most of our kids took to it, and still play. but one son taught himself how to play guitar. all of our children sing. there was a time we all sang before the dinner meal.

 Music brings unity and places ourselves beyond our own circumstances. Which is why it is healing and worshipful.


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One comment on “Daily Prompt: Musical
  1. Peggy Griffin says:

    Music is the universal language. AND it is a MARVELOUS gift from our loving Lord!

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