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Achillea is one of , I think, tried and true perennials. We grow Achillea Moonshin, Paprika and pomegranate. We grow starter plants in plugs sizes 72, 21 count per 10×20 inch sheet. we sell across the fruited plain of the United States.

These three Achillea we propagate by cuttings. these three are sometimes called fern leaf achillea because of the cut edges of the long flowing leaves, as they form a clump, similar to a fern. they all like full sun and do well in most soils. hardy to zones 3-8 so they do have a wide range of happiness.

A. Moonshine gets 2′ high with its blooms of harvest yellow. The blooms shine over top blue grey foliage. flowering in the summer starting late may continuing through summer, with some sporadic blooming in the fall, as the weather cools. The blooms make good cut flowers and dried flowers. The bright globes of yellow do well in contrast with ornamental grasses, blue and grey foliage and blooms of many other perennials.

A. Paprika is nothing to sneeze at. The flowers are a cluster of Apple red to paprika color blooms with yellow eyes. fern like foliage clumps into a pleasant flow in the perennial border, filling in blank areas around it to deter weeds from growing.. It is irresistible to butterflies and does very well as a cut flower.

A. pomegranate bright magenta flowers. very showy you and every butterfly will want this bloom in your garden. It too is a good cut and dried flower. blooming june through september. We have selected this variety to be true in our stock and are working hard to propagate now.

Achilleas are a must for the gardener of today. try them in mixed containers on your patio. What do you think?


Perennial plant propogator for Creekhill nursery. Over 40 years of experience with lots of plants from foliage, cut flowers, seasonal potted plants, annuals and perennials. A plant geek and nerd, i am

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