daily post: childhood revisited

Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?


I’m on the other side, empty nest, here’s my look at the evidence.

We have five children. the oldest is a musicologist and has two boys and a husband. the husband even though sports is not his thing goes to soccer and t ball with boy one who is in first grade. the husband takes him to cub scouts and is active in his life. As well the other boy in kindergarten he is excited about helping cook and is very active.

the examples here are training a child in their direction. I identifying their unique bent and helping them pursue.

Fast back to my childhood, what I wish I had that I didn’t. What I want my kids to always have. A FATHER.

My wife and I where very purposeful about having children that always had a good education. We would go to the proposed school and spend hours interrogating their philosophy of education and their purpose. We sat in on many class rooms.

We where purposeful about our children playing the piano.they all tried it . Now one son is a self-taught guitarist, one daughter plays the cello, four of the five can play the piano. my middle girl married a musician. their daughter is playing the piano and has a nice aptitude for the key board.

One son plays with his son.They have a playfulness that I really am not sure I had with them. I did in some ways but I am very proud of this relationship I see. He will be a very loved boy and that means a very stable adult.

I didn’t have a father growing up. I had momentary people trying to step in but with great inconsistency and inner rage for me. I wanted to be a dad, yet I seldom saw a good family situation to model.

My adult children are living examples of grace to my own inconsistancy. Their family units are real and a home for their children and thows in need. I am blessed.

My wife and I  tried to provide the environment for inner growth and outer growth. We home schooled a bit and allowed the children to grow in their respective bents. Fortuneatly for me my boys liked hockey so we went to games. my oldest daughter and I went to a wood working class when she was very young and carves geese.



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