fitness. the start

I knew I was in trouble when I could hardly walk a mile home from work. The scale said I was very close to 200 and I  had chronic lower back aches.

Doc am I gonna die? “no ya dope just wake up the slumbering muscles”. Well, he didn’t quite say it like that but I heard it. He sent me to rehab. By the end of it I felt better, joined a gym and started an exercise program.

The rehab was made up of deep heat treatments to the back and learning to stretch the hamstrings to elevate the muscle tension on the lower back. After a few weeks i graduated to their fitness machines in the rehab to start to strengthen the quads and lower back muscles. I forget how many weeks it lasted but the impact on how I felt was amazing.

It was October of 2007, I think, that I started to do something about this slumbering muscle crises.The gym I joined was quite a big franchise one. I started most mornings for a few weeks on the stationary bike and moved through some of the machines with out a lot of purpose or planning. With research and the web I came up with some good basics and was doing quite well.

At this gym there where goons who walked around trying to silicate themselves to be your trainer for a huge fee. Some of them where over weight and that was a turn off, some of them resembled drill Sargent and I didn’t need that at 48 years of age.But, one guy knew how to market and knew what he was about. He showed me several weeks in a row how to exercise with the weights and some of the cardio machines, without any catch seemingly. Then, after a few weeks of real helpfulness, the money deal was approached. I felt he was genuinely interested in helping persons of my blumberness.

so, at 56 I would consider my self fit. But, exercise at his age is more rehab then Spartacus body wanna be. ill write more, but how has your journey gone and how did you start?


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