fitness over 50 something

Look punk, I can still do more push ups than you…….I say challenging the 30 somethings. So of course I have to prove it and I nailed 30 for them. Now I can’t just up and do that any old-time, but it felt good to get their respect. And pull-up, nothing is better than to look like an old man who I am and hop onto the pull up rack at the gym , I oush the assisted step away ,and do 8 to 10 straight, over hand.

Now let me explain the only way I can do this and keep up that pace is to keep doing them. And usually there is a lot more pain then that 30 something feels when he’s done.

I was doing a pull up routine last spring and getting ok at it.  I was doing 10 over-hand and 10 straight and 10 under hand then 10 more over hand all in one set.

At the greenhouse in the spring we pull fabric for shading over our greenhouse roof. We have a “boy wanna be man crew” that does the work around and they where to be helping. So I know I can work circles around these children. These greenhouses are inflated plastic roofs. With track systems midway so you can hustle up to the peak. this greenhouse number 6 is 30 feet high and I am in a big hurry, no one is moving I grab the shading edge and pull it up to the ridge and start pulling it from one side to the top. Ropes are used for some one on the ground to help pull also. Finally one dude came up and helped….I have spent the next seven months rehabilitating my rotator cuff.

I came across an amazing exercise that helped the rotator cuff. Simply raise your arms straight in front of you 50 to 100 times, then straight out to your sides 50 to 100 times. Do these daily and you will have some strong stable rotater cuffs. This pumps blood into those tendons and heals it. Remember the Bible says the life is in the blood.

I don’t really mean to sound to cocky, I am mellowing a bit and realizing my limits. I so want to train like a 25-year-old but I am not and can’t.

Now I have some tendonitis in the right arm that i am dealing with..blah


Perennial plant propogator for Creekhill nursery. Over 40 years of experience with lots of plants from foliage, cut flowers, seasonal potted plants, annuals and perennials. A plant geek and nerd, i am

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