Daily Prompt:I’m Proud of you

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

At first I so wished that I could think of a time where someone looked me in the eye and said “Joel, I’m proud of you”. At first I just couldn’t remember but what I do remember is the constant need I have of affirmation and wanting to be found as someones pride. Its part of my needing acceptance my NIFJ.

As I thought a bit more in the next second,I remember, all the times my wife says I am her hero,same thing, right? Then I remember my mom who really would say I am proud of you. All I heard at the time was, are you sure you’re doing the right thing? or do this for me. I heard the constant have to help her with something rather than her true feelings, which she did express at other times .

This topic can get a bit confusing for me because of my personality make up with the constant need to please people. And I want acceptance to look a certain way, which is not really right. I do think now that as I see the approach in 4 years of 60 that I would have figured some things out by now. But life is one big learning curve.

But all in all I need to retell my self just how proud the important people in my life are of me.

God is because of what Jesus did. This is hard because i so want to add to it or do something that warrants Gods pride. But the power of the Cross is sufficient for all my needs.

My wife, I am her constant hero, I am always taken by how much she loves me.


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4 comments on “Daily Prompt:I’m Proud of you
  1. You’ve written this so beautifully. So many moments, so many ways to say how proud people are of us, and many ways we can or cannot interpret their meanings as such.

  2. Peggy Griffin says:

    I’m still learning also that the Cross IS sufficient for all my needs. I’m proud of you Joel because you are so willing to be vulnerable before others. Luv ya Brother!

  3. Peggy Griffin says:

    BTW is this on Pacific Time or something? My clock says 5:32 p.m.

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