shared grief

I am NIFJ.And I am a lonely only child. I have a big dose of empathy in my feeling pool. I have experienced two deaths in the past season. so when some one  who I know , is dealing with a loved one that is in the closing weeks I receive it as my own.

I was leading a study from a guy named john.He had written about a deity who showed us how to move into and through death and grief. This deity was also acquainted with humanity feelings so he could show humanity how to die. This deity actually called to his Father who is the higher deity, as an example for humanity. The example is that it is ok to have grief feelings and be over come with emotion. But the response most be to call out to the higher deity. Because that deity is the source of life and its his glory that is the reason why this human deity showed us how to die.

The human deity, made it clear that after his death he was going to the Father. And he, by doing this act of death, was making it possible for all humans that would follow him to do likewise.

You can read about it in  john 12.


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