grandfather’s cup


Posted from WordPress for Android as I check the greenhouses.

My granddad’s coffee cup, the one he used to tip coffee into the saucer and slurp down, when hot. the one he would leave lying around the greenhouse during his post dinner venting and heating check. The cup that connects me with him,his greenhouseness, his fathers greenhouse grower instincts and all his bothers and their kids, my distant cousins who work the greenhouse.

The cup representing two centuries to me. I would find it in peculiar places like on top of a mist nozzle, or in a cart to ship plants. How many of our customers kept ordering to get another cup? I would find it near the mist control box. Sometimes in the azalea field where perched on top of the hoe.

It’s the same cup my grandmom would hold to his mouth when the dementia was getting bad, only to have it slapped away.

I am in touch with the past with my cup, and I hope to pass it along some day.


Perennial plant propogator for Creekhill nursery. Over 40 years of experience with lots of plants from foliage, cut flowers, seasonal potted plants, annuals and perennials. A plant geek and nerd, i am

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2 comments on “grandfather’s cup
  1. Peggy Griffin says:

    Precious memory.

  2. TC Conner says:

    My grandfather sipped coffee the same way. But he was such a stranger to me; mysterious, wore a hard shell hat with a wide brim that circled all around it, kinda like one of those you’d see in old Tarzan movies that the Englishmen wore while they were on the trail of jungle treasure. Granddad had an accent I’ll never forget, if you’ve seen the movie Sling Blade and heard Carl Childers talk, you’ll know what I mean. He chewed plug tobacco, and I remember watchin him as he sat in his rockin chair, he’d cut a chunk off, chew a bit, and spit in a spittoon that always sat on the floor next to his chair. I remember the strong smell of tobacco juice as I walked by him, wondering what it was that made him chew that stuff. Mom said that he could be a mean old coot, but I never saw that side of him, I think I’m lucky I didn’t.

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