13 in the upper room

The street, caked hard from foot traffic, maintained a layer of slim and filth which was a mingling of food and animal waste. Wheel worn Ruts from  carts  made walking with out a sprained ankle a rarity. People where everywhere, it was the one time a year every one descended on the city to perform the annual ceremonies.

The 13 trudged through, with a crowd following so close to them, it was a mini crowd, inside a huger moving population hoping to feel good about life again. People , the curious, heard about the group and was in awe at some of the teaching they could get in on, some heard thunder and some a voice giving witness to their leader, others just shook their heads; another fanatic.

A room was found , just like the teacher said, fully ready for them. however, there was not a host , it was rented or given space. So there was no servant nor waiters. The men glad to be alone with Him again , out of the shoving crowd, settled down after the preparation was made. Some of them where thinking about, who among them, was greater. One was thinking betrayal.

The leader, teacher knowing the moment and future stood up and poured water. He poured a basin full and started to kneel in front of each man. he washed their feet. the lowest possible thing a servant could do, was to wash the guests feet for his master. here the teacher was being a servant. the feet were caked with mud, dung and food scrapes. Teacher washed each foot of all the men, even the one man he knew was about to hand him over to his death. The same man who has been stealing money from him, the same man who never understood love only waste. The teacher washed his feet as well.

“This was done as an example for them to do for each other”, he said. Being willing to serve in the most menial way for people who deserved and those who didn’t deserve their service. Because it was a service not to them but to the source, the Father, God. An ultimate example of what his father did. sending his son to wash the filth from society, just to be obedient, and glorify the father. so, to, our goal in serving, to glorify the Father, just as Jesus was.

A prototype if you will of the bigger washing about to come. A completion of the voice’ words just hours ago saying,” I have glorified my name and will again”.

One of them objected, to his feet being washed. The teacher stated he must so he could have a full share in the plan. This washing wasn’t the soul cleaning one that was about to happen. It was a how to live with each other attitude adjustment they needed to undertake. The example of humility, and equality. the greatest among them was speaking, by showing,  how to be the greatest, by serving without distinction.



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