fitness over 50…punk

week three of trying to downsize the waste line , plus…..

this week I did 3— 45 minutes cardio machines. arc trainer, elliptical and bike. And I am wondering why I feel so tired after an every other cardio event. I didn’t have much time for yoga except some “restorative poses”, of which I couldn’t quite fold and bend into, but that’s ok.

Tendonitis in the elbow is still keeping me from the dumbbells. I did two weight machine days, The glucosamine with boswelia is helping the inflammation a bit. It sure aid in less joint creaking.

The fitness pal ap is helping me monitor the calories and protein intake. and my body is trying to remind me I am not 25.

Yet i can still do 2 sets of 7 or 8 pull-ups a couple of times a week..punk

I was reading about protein shakes. The article was down playing their effectiveness over real food protein like cottage cheese, eggs, tuna. and so on.

So I am posting some questions here,

What is your experience in riding your self of tendonitis naturally?

what is your experience in food protein vs synthetic powders?

yoga, I have been doing a 20 minute shot from yoga journal each day as I can, I am wondering about just basic stretching to be able to be more flexible, how often and when in the day and how long to hold a pose to get flexibility, and what yoga workout would be a good post cardio or weight workout routine?  is that clear?


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One comment on “fitness over 50…punk
  1. nick policow says:

    No experience with either, other than that I become more weary of hyper processed foods (a category protein powders would fit). I’m not a militant organics guy, but it does seem as though the more natural a food is the better healthier it is, and often, the better it makes us feel.

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