oil on my back

like a DUCK LET WATER ROLL OFF….I CANT. When some one says something rude to me or even about some one else I take it in , I absorb it and it becomes a part of my mind frustration dialogue.

I have tried some solutions, the doctors are too quick to give out antidepressant drugs, and the therapist tells me to reframe their remarks for what they are really saying. So why doesn’t those two things work well?

Getting to the gym helps and the yoga after work helps al lot. The drops from the chiropractor helps quite a bit too, they are to help the brain balance and stuff. I really don’t know what they are but it works subtly in the mind. I must say I have deflected some Out bursts from doing the above. I normally would have let every one know how much an idiot they really are.

I have a hunch its the blood flow to the brain and the added oxygen to the brain that is whats behind the exercise. Te cleaning out and sharpening the nerve receptors to take the good and show the rude for what it is.

I am going through a tough time now. Just saw the Clint Eastwood movie Grand Torino. I am that guy in a lot of ways, with out the prejudice. I am cynical about the boy men at work who don’t have a clue on how to work hard and efficiently. and the bosses who are rude and belittling.

But all in all i hear other voices in my head when people are morons. I hear the voice of a doe=rm mom I had saying that people just want to be loved. And there are fears in their lives that cause them to act so. So I have a thread of sympathy that they indeed may be some underlining thing going on. Then I realize, they are just rude and care about them selves only and that’s just how they are wired.

So I have to place oil on my back to let their rudeness flow off. I wish for a punching bag.


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