before 8 am. 3/16/11

This was my first blog two years ago, I left as a draft.

Dark where is the sun? walked down to Queen st. bus stop. Replanted city sidewalk containers with Helleborus and pansy glowing in the street lights.  Got on the number 12, within minutes the bus was full. I recognized many from the 445 pm. lots of dart personnel. By the time we got to Snakehill Rd the dawn could be made out.

At the greenhouse the shipping was already a buzz since 5 I got there at 650.
the two newbies from cuba where there on the dot. Their first job in the usa. No english but we can work around that. There where two spanish speaking ladies that knew english I could pair them up with. I brought them flats to work at a lighted table. Tissue culture their first assignment. They are happy.

The paper said it would be 50 degrees today. I opened 13 and 11 to capitalize the 44 degree weather on the perennials vernalization needs. Jacked up the heat in 16 and made a list for Ross the new grower type. By 730 the production moved from the table to the bench it was light enough.

Where is the sun ? I don’t think the paper is right its cold. I even turned the heat on for a few minutes after having it turned off by 7.
But looking north there was blue sky on the horizon. The sun peaked for about 10 minutes then back to cloud cover. A new day….march 16, 2011


Perennial plant propogator for Creekhill nursery. Over 40 years of experience with lots of plants from foliage, cut flowers, seasonal potted plants, annuals and perennials. A plant geek and nerd, i am

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