Grief n Easter, another holiday with out them

For a “christian home” I  sure raked in the chocolate bunnies at Easter. The suspense of Easter was almost like valentines day, more candy. It did have some sort of church connection in it also. Sunday we went to church to sing” Up from the grave he arose”.And there was usually a lamb dinner awaiting if Grand mom had come down, for the holiday. She generally made sure there was not a hint of rare on the meat and made up any dryness with bottles of mint jelly. When the cousins came easter baskets were brought out and a mass looking for easter eggs began. There was the waking up in anticipation of eating the colored eggs I slowly rolled in different colors.

I remember with horror when the solid chocolate bunnies became more hollow than solid. What the holiday ment I knew in a social way. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the died for the sins of the whole world. Thats a religious thing but it wasnt a heart and true knowledge thing untill much later. Some where as an adult when I had more shattered dreams than non, I realized all I was doing on Sundays and in the name of christianity was playing church. I realized my christianity was more hollow than solid.

Now I am aware daily of my bent to sin, and my need of continually preaching the gospel to my self. Easter is not about the bunnies any more it’s about God reuniting fellowship with a people he loves. It’s about the future hope of a resurrection and a place prepared for a prepared heart.

Easter is about the truth that I will be with or “gathered to my people” again. My grand parents , mother and close friend. They have gone to the prepared place already. I am grieving a loss while still knowing their destination was secure.  They are worshiping with out the hinderance of a sinful bent. In a Fathers house that spells home.

Holidays always filled with family and memories, are going to be hard for us, who greive.  We will never forget that person. A word or a food will tumble us into a memory that drops us into a silent void in a place of zonelessness. And that doesn’t have to be explained to anyone, their time will come.


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  1. Peggy Griffin says:

    Thanks Joel!

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