Trajectory of Life

Whats your trajectory? All if us are traveling on a destiny course. No, this is not Star Gate, its real life.

The path your life is taking you is going to end how? I was at the bus stop chatting with two guys i never met before. they where fringe people, they looked like people most people would look the other way, or lock their doors to avoid. But i resemble them in that all humans are created in the image of God and have a purpose in life, no exceptions.These guys where talking smack about D.U.I.s just for walking drunk. One asked the other if he wanted a hit of his vodka in his pocket. so they moved away from the cameras and sipped. It was 9 a.m. They where my age, when did they start this trajectory? and where is it going to end?

King David ” a man after Gods own heart” was up on the roof looking for a good time, he was not with his army fighting. He got a good time and a lot more because he stepped off a path and pursued his natural bent for selfishness. He was a christian, His reaction on being confronted with what he did is recorded in psalm 51.

1.He took responsibility for his error

2.he turned from his way and sought a new heart

3.he paid the penalty of loosing a child for his action.

He didn’t go looking for a roofalics society he went right to the God he offended. He went to God and recognized he sinned not his disease of lustful eyes. He saw that he got off course and pursued God with his heart.

The Bible was written to get mankind back to the garden in communication fellowship with God the Father. Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead to make that possible. Jesus and the Father are one and we,if we are his, are one with jesus. Jesus is the way to the father. And he went to prepare us for fellowship with the Father. So, as you the hockey puck sailing toward the goal,have a stick come in and change your direction, get the person with the proper stick that can direct you back toward the goal.

” If we sin, ( really when you sin) He is faithful and just to cleans you from all unrighteousness.”

Are you bouncing around in a self-help world? What does your heart long for? Whos are you?



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3 comments on “Trajectory of Life
  1. Peggy Griffin says:

    Loved your testimony this morning and the longer version above. God’s been giving you some GOOD things to say, brother! Keep it coming 🙂

    • jdibersenior says:

      i mss tim. He changed his trajectory and plunged his heart in to knowing the Bible, and Jesus. He awaoke and read his Bible each morning. He pursuede His righteousness and put to death daily his own bent for lust.

  2. kgstover says:

    Thanks for your words– really encouraging

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