April 19 – Daily Prompt #2: Stranger

Have you ever had a random encounter or fleeting moment with a stranger that stuck with you?

There have been several strange encounters with strangers that stick with me. One was a guy in the back of a Grey Hound bus. Traveling from chicago to St.Pete Florida, an LL night adventure. The first stranger was the guy in the bus terminal in Chicago selling watches. He had bunches up his arm and in his trench coat, I declined, but was amazed that he would hit up this 17 year-old punk with his own trench coat on. Another on this trip was the guy cleaning up the side-walk outside the terminal. I was asking a question to him and he had to reach for an appliance to hold to his throat and speak. I will always be sensitive to handicapped people. Their bravness and endurance to bang out life when odds are against.

Latter on in the bus ride, which stopped at every small town in America, there where two other strangers. One was passing me a bottle in a brown bag and one was trying to share a booklet of Linda loveless pictures, that one I didn’t.

Strangers bring out some remarkable qualities in me. I so want to be a friend and an equal. I think in terms of perhaps sharing my relationship with my best friend Jesus. Or, i think is this an angel in despise? or, I know I’m being watched so Id better be kind. Not that being mean would be an immediate response. But more than likely I’ll think this is someones father or son or daughter or sister or brother. Theres a life in front of me with pain and wounds like mine, that needs someone to listen to. I know your thinking I am naive and will be taken.

Perhaps, but at the same time I believe all people have a bent for badness not goodness. So, I’m more confident, and still trusting, with knowledge of how crud I think and how they must also be thinking.

The best stranger was the family that helped my family in West Virginia. We made it to the pizza hut when the engine chugged its last breath. The engine was ruined, we couldn’t move. we left Lancaster , Pa that morning and where on our way to Iowa. we remembered a friend back in Delaware who had lived in this same town. A call or two later this friends friend showed up and took us all in. All five kids and my wife and I, they fed us and gave us lodging and prayed with us. These are the kind of strangers you want to meet. no personal agenda but to express love from jesus to another human being. They where a black family and we are white and it was just fine and who really cares?


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