get along at the work place

judging by the responses today, from three separate people, about an “incident”. I believe no malice was intended but misunderstandings abounded. When in relationships and that includes the work place relationship, we start to add thought after thought about what others are thinking about ourselves, and they are wrong. We developed a preconceived idea about others motive toward ourselves.

In our work place we have a unique crew from five very different countries. Bouton, Laos, Columbia, Philippines, Cuba. We each have a lot of personal issues going on all the time that affect our who we are .

When I look at the two young ladies from Bouton I see many people who have had to leave their country and seek refugee in Nepal. Living in refugee camps over crowded waiting for some opportunity to get to America to start a new life over. Far from their country and relatives.  I see how they have picked up the english language very well for being in america less then a year. I see two women who are punctual and have learned quickly how to work the greenhouse work we do.

I see the lady from Cuba who has had a death in her family this year. I know she is constantly reminded of the loss daily. She , too, has come to america as a refugee, seeking a happy life. Her work has improved very well She has a good eye for detail of taking proper cuttings. She , too, has had to learn quickly how to operate in america, in order to stay alive.

I see the Columbian women and I think of her country that I visited.  I have been to Bogotá, and median. I see their forests with huge bamboo growing among he deciduous trees. I see a land filled with armed girds at the greenhouse ranges, I see people living in fear. America provides a place of refugee and hope and safe movement. She has taken to learning the details of good cuttings and is a joy at parties. She is conscientious to take proper cuttings and do a good job.

I see he Laos lady getting old but daily coming to work without complaining. I see a women who has worked for this company since the very beginning, about 10 years.

Two Philippines ladies one is the supervisor. She, the supervisor has two years left to retirement. She has a hurt that has not been dealt with at work. When the Columbian lady was being hired the hirer yelled at her in front of the Columbian. that incident was because she asked him can this Columbian speak english. Her tone was sincere. yet this hirer felt like making a load issue about it derailing her ability with this new hireling. Yet today she works

The upshot is to treat others like you want to be treated. To say sorry when you know you have hurt someone. Granted there are cultural taboos not to do. like point your finger, or laugh at someone.

Keep in mind where your work is going. How many people will be affected by your workmanship. This is not just time to fill but a living to make and an industry to move forward.



Perennial plant propogator for Creekhill nursery. Over 40 years of experience with lots of plants from foliage, cut flowers, seasonal potted plants, annuals and perennials. A plant geek and nerd, i am

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