restored, confirmed, strengthened and established

That is quite a list but its all of our inner desires. There will be a time when I know I will be all these things R.C.S.E. for short.

It took me three readings straight through of 1st Peter to see these words. They are there but not isolated from the themes of the book, struggles, anxious, persecution, holiness, the gospel, eternal security and christian living.

Work is a struggle, and you who have worked with and around me know I get down way down anxious and bothered, by stuff other people do and I can’t change, how the people who are supposed to be the real leaders, do nothing against what I clearly see as injustice.

These issues are not my own, most of the management and employees are affected by this individuals control manipulation of the big boss, and intimidation of the workforce. However, I left work yesterday being gnawed about my people being 20 questioned by this person and me purposely being left out, or just treated like I’m not there. So I knew I wasnt going to get any sleep, been here before.

Finally I open the Bible to 1st Peter 5:7 “cast all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you”.  Is this really talking about what I deal with? So I read the book and connected some important dots.

The first chapter spells out the gospel, In the coming context of suffering. Because of Jesus we have a living hope kept for us ….by our faith we are shielded now by Gods power….Peter points out that they are presently suffering grief of many kinds. because of this gospel ” set your minds for action; be self-controlled…( oops for me I think) ; set your hope firmly on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.”

Peter goes on to talk about the church, to whom he has written this book, to not be envious or harsh and deceitful with one another. He calls for holiness and for remembering how much Jesus suffered for our security, Peter goes into work place ethics and marriage respecting of each couple. Its seems to be expected that they will be persecuted if they name the name of Jesus.

The words in chapter five that I cling to are these above. Because I am so not confirmed in my current position at work, nor am i restored physical I.m echausted, I am not treated as an established manager the way I want to be. These words above S.C.S.E are more than ” I will finally get some respect” its knowing and intertwined, I think ,with the eternal picture of being loved by the Father God and finding out who I truly am in Christ, at death that gives hope.

The book is written to the churched. You may think christians are all holy and good and pleasant. But know, we are an anxious mess especially in relationships. Because we see the sin in others and at the same time are constantly being shown our own short comings. We know there is more to life. And here Peter is charging us to work on building our personality flaws by clinging to the gospel. We will be sharper and more fit every time we deal with the many many sins that are exposed and the many many times we don’t go along with the crowd but expose truth for truth. bUt especially in how we treat fellow believers. with purity, know not how bad they ar e but knowing how much we are forgiven.

This has been a good attitude adjustment for me, so I can speak up confidently about the facts without anger, This guy thrives on creating drama, I can be confident of who I am better now and what my position in the workplace is.

I’ll  be reading more again soon no doubt………..


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3 comments on “restored, confirmed, strengthened and established
  1. Peggy Griffin says:

    The promises are ours…if we faint not. Talked about this in some respects last night at prayer. We are to persevere…in God’s strength and not our own…in the workplace and in the church place. Your statement about being shown our own shortcomings rang so true for me. I prayed last evening for the ability to extend more grace to others…for Christ has extended SOOOOOOO much grace to me. I love you my Brother. Thanks for sharing.

  2. kgstover says:

    Really encouraging– thanks so much for sharing, Uncle Joel!

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