Urban Church vs Nickels or Noses

The gospel, its something I am learning about daily. The cross gets bigger and I get smaller with each passing birthday. Yet that sinful list , that the Apostles write about, Lust of the flesh, idols, etc., they are so alive in my head. The bride is a wanderer like Gomer, the husband is always pursuing, like Christ, and Hosea. So , in my own recognition of how loved I am irregardless of how rotten I know I am, he is pursuing me because he loves me, his bride. This is what tears me up at worship singing mostly, when the lyrics are good and the sound isn’t to off.

And in the midst of worship and the pursuit of relational living in the streets of a city. The middle class church says we have to pursue self-support and move to a more safe area so we can get, the type of people who can pay for the gospel they hear. O, they would not say it quite that way, It would have more business jargon of having a church be self-sustaining and “o, can we hear the stories” at fundraisers, after you make it on your own? It’s all about nickels and noses, the people and the money. corporate mind-set in the church. What ever happened to the middle class realizing they are not the goal but are the privilege ones with money to help the poor. The gospel to all people is the goal. The gospel is needed in every corner, not just the safe ones. the gospel is needed to be preached to ourselves daily, because its not just a once and done altar call but a life style of realizing true reality.

The city from the burbs….we are all survives through the night and through a civic system the works by trapping us in a cycle of poverty.
They wanted a city church on middle class terms? Granted people living in the up scale houses need the gospel just As bad.people in middle burb also, but they all live in a system that is not approachable to a city dweller.

The gospel is my first paragraph and it’s my answer for what worship is.
The gospel will be declared to all people irregardless of people

I have learned after being excepted as a ” good person” on my block that I know the people next door in a way I would never know the neighbors in  other places we have lived. Life in the street level is very real with families, and children and older people. Its real with refugees from all over the world. It is not pooling with thugs, most of the thugs drive in from out side our city.

The people that come into our present church building, are people that walk there, and are searching for a relationship with a God they only hear about but hardly experience, from the many other Pentecostal, word faith churches near by. The quality of the people is missed by the suburbia leaders dictating how the gospel is to go out. They think people can get to the hospital so they can get to a “good” church. Buses hardly run on Sunday, and they cost. People are being deluged with a false gospel , can’t we show them the real Jesus. Its by relational living, time spent, walking in their lives helping them get rid of roaches and bed bugs, helping them swim in the cycle of food stamps by showing them in the store shopping with them how to build a healthy diet. Its doing more then just sorry if you can’t fill the offering plate you need to give up your seat.

What are your thoughts


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