thankfull in grief

A year has gone by since my moms death. Its been some time since i got chocked but I was ambushed by grief a couple days ago. A friend mentioned she was praying for me this week, because she remembered the week, I could hardly talk. But I was blessed non the less.Then a couple of my kids also acknowledged in their own ways they remembered and wished me condolences.

I don’t remember much of last thanksgiving except for the turmoil of watching my mother pass and watching loved ones react. There are some songs I don’t want to hear now. And some situations I want to avoid.

Blessing is a gift from above. Its like an anointment of partaking in the very nature of the eternal God. “When I soar to worlds unknown” To know your beginning and end,  knowing your point in life, makes the words “blessed”, alive. Feeling sad and over whelmed with grief isn’t a slap in the face of blessing its the catalyst to know better the facts of life in truth.

It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart. Ecclesiastes 7:2

Perspective and attitude is found when death is faced. Respect for all humanity is a natural outcome of looking at someone in a coffin. Grief can debilitate or it can sober.Some times it does it all to me.

I stated this blog as a way to deal with it and work out some of my thoughts in a forum. You can go back over this year and watch as I dealt with other deaths this year. Each one was a tragedy and a victory.

There is not much I am excited about now, I am just numb most of the time going through motions, and feeling great empathy for others. There is still joy and resolve also at the same time some where in side. It surfaces now and then.

Thankful for friends and family to walk in the path together.


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One comment on “thankfull in grief
  1. Peggy Griffin says:

    Your journey of grief is just that… YOUR journey of grief. Walk it at your own pace my brother. I am so thankful for your blogs this past year. It has been humbling to share in your vulnerability and to glimpse your soul. May you be blessed as you continue to bless others with your writing.
    Love because of Jesus,

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