Daily Promt: This Much I Know

Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?

I don’t under stand this but I know there is someone bigger then me. I cant keep His code, but someone did keep it for me.

Every one has a world life view. Mine revolves around Jesus Christ. NO I am not religious!

My code of conduct is valuing every one I meet. There are no little or worthless people. I do get anoyed at the stupids but deap down in the fabric of my

Modus operandi

this I know every one has value.

I went to my favorite bar to watch the flyers play hockey. Got my Guinness and hummus and was chowing and watching. the guy next to me was having some sort of red corrupted Corona in a bottle. He started talking during the game. “Christians are a blood thirsty lot” well that got my glance…he started in. He was feeling worthless , I think. I said we are all created in Gods Image and have worth. He liked this and felt I had made his day. Then as he was leaving, finally, he said something about all people being good.

Immediately I was challenged to defend another core belief. All people, though created in the Image of God, are born sinners and in need of God, through Jesus , to remove the death that sin is inflicting on our soul and body. I didn’t tackle him as he was leaving to confront his palagius’ veiw. I watched the remaining minute of the game.

I have been in the room when angels have taken a soul to heaven. And I have witnessed death being sweet. I have been to funerals where it is not happy but hopeless.

Core values are best seen in the rooms of mourning.



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