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Feed The Soil….

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On Monday I got rather long-winded about soil amendments. I talked about the CT NOFA standards, the importance of researching what you put into the soil, and even touched a bit again on some prohibited amendments…

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grandmom’s saucer mag

Pink saucers of the  Magnolia × soulangeana adorned the front lawn of the Babikow house on Babikow road. It was like so many around the Baltimore area, making Baltimore one of  the prettiest spring cities.  This tree towering 30 feet

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Carex Pennsylvanica

Originally posted on iLL bE yOUR GARDENING COACH:
Carex Pennsylvanica is a native sedge that is found from Georgia to Canada , Maine to the Dakotas. Native to open woods this plant is an excellent choice for under story plantings.…

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On Granddad’s Knee

The comfort spot of the only male in my life in the beginnings. A place to crawl to and lean back on. I remember leaning on his chest and glancing over to grand mom sound asleep as Lawrence Welk, TV’s

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The streets are actually getting brighter, in the scrambling crawl to the bus, with the sun making an earlier appearance. Inadequacies get smothered, just a bit, in the crisp 35 degree air, when the sun shines. Dylan’s “A New Morning

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mondays or murphy’s law

monday: a month ago: ,as i was walking to the bus station down king street, the lights glowing on the piled snow and ice gleamed in a way that said” I’m cold and your about to be.” As my feet

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