Jordan’s bank

“He was born to raise the sons of earth”, Hark the Herald Angels Sing tells us.
Grief came again today. An employee, fellow worker was taken from us and raised with Jesus. Cancer, its taken two of the three others, of my friends in the past four years. My mother, Tim and Toni have passed on. So close in time but any death is a resurfacing of those gone before. Resurfacing my emotional grief reflex. A resurfacing of who I am compared to those three now four. Each had a hope and faith in Jesus. Each was unique in their depth of understanding the bible, their life styles preconversion. Yet each ended the same, with the comfort of scripture, and with the knowledge of a heaven, and a Christ that victored the ability to receive heaven over a descent to hell.
They each knew of hell and heaven. But, each stood on this side of Jordan’s bank knowing that on the other side was rest. heaven was a dim fog of a reality. Like we really don’t know about it, we do know it exists and we each have a how of what it looks like, but we really don’t know.

The sermon in church was all about redemption, third chapter of Ruth, in this advent time of year. There is a redeemer. I was drifting in thought about being on the bank of Jordan, anticipating the finale breath. Knowing and really believing that Jesus is the only bridge, the only way. And its more then just a knowledge of Jesus’ ability and the fact that he is the Christ he has dead and risen and he is coming again. He conquered death.


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One comment on “Jordan’s bank
  1. Margaret Griffin says:

    Oh Joel – so sorry to hear that you’ve lost another friend. But so wonderful to know that he too has crossed over Jordan. May your heart be comforted in knowing that Tim, Toni and your other friend, are safe in the arms of Jesus. Love you, brother. Peggy

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