Broken, born a sinner. Speechless bow to the God who sent his majestic is your name o God, what is man that thou  art mindful of him.

Came early had keys unlocked doors for Sunday school teachers. Set up communion and placed in the church. Unlocked.

Personally getting unlocked.
O how sweet to trust in Jesus. How I proved over and over.  tis sweet so sweet to trust in Jesus. O for Grace to trust him more.

While we are waiting come. Worship opening our feeble hearts bowing our cracked minds.

Service time…. to members for how’s it going action………..testimony time.

Sermon. A new person, we are learning about Jesus being the light of the world.
John 8:12-20
Jesus gives us the right categories
Jesus ‘s declaration….. I , myself, ( an absolute I Am). am the light of the world. As a result he organized all humanity to himself.
Categories of those who are in the light vs those who are not. V12 followers are in the light. No social category exclusions.

Listen to Jesus. Don’t shut him out.

Where I am going. Origin and destination .Identity purpose and mission and his divinity. 

Deut 17&19 two witnesses.
They are the ones with false witness. Not Jesus. Isaiah  45. John 9. Jesus is addressing idolatry and hardened heart of pharesy.

Chapter 1-7 is the testimony Jesus is God in flesh.

How can we walk in the light when we always devalue his truth. We reject him and deserve to have our light snuffed out as Jesus light was snuffed. Jesus resurrection into a greater light then before.

Closed up the sanctuary and locked church doors and bathrooms. Cleaned up floor and placed communion stuff away.

Lunch, congregational. Sat alone By myself.
Majestic magically.

My surfing in and out of emotional balancing,is only stabilized by Jesus, he is bigger.

Majestic is his name.



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One comment on “Sunday
  1. Margaret Griffin says:

    Dear Brother Joel – your isolation pains my heart. Your level of feeling is painful to behold. May God wrap you in the shelter of His love.


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