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Growing up in the greenhouse industry. I’ve seen quite a few operations in various parts of the country. In most every one there is an older guy, that has been there forever. Aaron was where I am now. He knew

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Fitness, at 58

Na Its becoming a mental struggle just to move out of bed, go to gym? What? Of course the Guinness in hand is a strong reason to reevaluate, whatever. I’m going back to planet fitness this weekend! I can do

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Respect is earned! She said, as I wanted to scream, ” no you respect an office, authority, older people, handicapped…..” Just because of the office or statice or condition. You don’t have to like, but you need to respect. Am

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Transporter.” 1962 i went out for track. Madeira Beach Junior high, Florida. Running laps before school was exciting for about two seconds. But there was a scent along the way.trodding on

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I know your enamored by their beauty and scent and texture and feel. They give you oxygen and distresses you at the close of a horrific day. But you don’t know when to water it do you? It does need

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Preserve me through my self inflicting pain. I’ll call to you , now that you’re available. The confluence of rushing waters of emotion cloud thought and over shadow even tinnitus in my head. There is always a path, yet even

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highlight of a life

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Proud.” Sunday, is almost another day of panic pressure. Mainly because I have the building keys, and several prep and cleanup duties. Today I planned on a nonpanic day by handing off

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