doing church

It’s not like I’m switching denominations. It’s that I’m responding to the gospel anew. 

Spending 42 years in a reformed and Presbyterian denomination has taught me valuable lessons on approaching the scripture has a whole. Being aware of history and how doctrine is understandable and necessary. And over all answering a question of purpose.

Handling burnout is a challenge. Spending the last eight or so years in an urban church plant, stretched us all. Our stereotypical tendencies brought forward to be smashed by a real gospel. A time in my life when I end up doing more stuff in church then I should. A time where there are no little people is played out in relational diaconal work. Where God’s mercy is bigger then my up turned nose.

Trinity Lutheran Church surprised me. Stepping out of a safe reformed and Presbyterian is scary. Will I find proper handling of Scripture,or false doctrine, or people shallow in their world life veiw as it relates to God’s Providence?

What I am finding is allot of what I’ve been longing for since my friend Tim died;  real people excepting dialogue, out side an institutional box. 

A service slightly different each week, filled with hymns ,literagy,kneeling and air-conditioning. A service attached to the church calendar and yet spontaneous with current events responses.

We have visited almost ten times and have been refreshed in the spirit, each time. 

It’s being shown Jesus, in scensory ways of music,responsive reading,kneeling at communion,responding to a somewhat scripted yet personality infused service. It’s also being challenged to preach the gospel to myself. It’s hearing the word. And being shown Jesus. 

Don’t get me wrong these elements where there at the presbyterian church. Yet the intensionally built service and the drawing of participants within the service wasn’t. The burn out causes a wall to go up to actually being able to worship! That’s the problem.

I long for the Gospel daily to be in fussed into each moments structure and to be real in my mind. Each church can supply that, However God is using a Lutheran Church to show me himself, to challenge my denominational preconceived notions.

I’m 60, some times I want to get back to the garden real bad.


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7 comments on “doing church
  1. Julie Jones Zook says:

    So glad to hear that you are hearing and experiencing the Gospel in a fresh way at Trinity!
    I find our services comforting, yet challenging.
    Each week I am surprised at some new joy, especially in the music.

    Welcome, and may you continue to be blessed and refreshed in worship here.

    Julie Zook

  2. Jenise says:

    Welcome and thankful you have found comfort at Trinity.

  3. Julie Jones Zook says:

    Welcome to Trinity!
    Our family joined 28 years ago. We still find it comforting, yet challenging.
    May you continue to find this congregation a place to grow in your spiritual life.

  4. John Stauffer says:

    Yay, for you, my brother!

  5. C. Stanley Morton says:

    It makes me cry. I am so sorry for the burnout, but rejoice at how God’s love for you is manifesting at Trinity and that He is proving to you that as your Shepherd, He is restoring your soul.

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