As I was driving my car to pick up my Amish freinds I was considering all the Amish communities turmoil over the last year’s. 

Two guys and I meet for coffee and encouraging words from each other.we talk of Gods mercy. we share what’s happening in our lives ups and downs. They are a couple of genuine brothers in Christ. And there Amish.

Turmoil in the form of children being murdered, family falsely accused of harming a child which proved to be a vitamin deficiency, cancer, death, having to be asked about their supposed mafia,depression and more.

How do they cope? My friends response is one of reliant on Jesus. 

Their community isn’t that different from others. There’s believers in Jesus’s sole ability to save and keep and others who plain feel they have to purge themselves and make themselves pure before God.

Is there an evangelist for the Amish? My mentor asked many years ago knowing I was moving here. I thought of my grandmother who I think thought, or conveyed to me anyway that cleanliness is godliness and we should all be pure like the Amish.

I’ve been to their funerals, weddings and have interacted with a few. When we go have dinner with our Amish freinds I do value the time as a reality check.

I don’t feel everyone who is not like me religious ly is not saved. I did think that at a time. It’s not my job to save anyone. It’s my job to exhibit Jesus myself so He can work in others around me.

Pursue friendship’s with people different from yourselves.its a good thing.


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