Nathan and joel

I’m not depressed! These two prophets spoke to me.

It’s ok, the prophet Joel speaks of locust devoring a crop(a person) in three degrees. Landing chewing smashing…well sorta. It’s like sin, how it seaps in surrounds, gets into one and liquidate the brain,emotion and body. Joel doesn’t leave you there but calls for lamenting, a surching of soul, of a group effort of identification of wrong, and a group effort of lamenting about it.

Is that where you are? You don’t want to do ya, its fine, your still in your game.

Nathan told me about identification of wrong how I was the one, both pushed to repentance. A day is set aside for judgement. The day of the Lord.

Lamenting leads to repentance leads to recognize in the day of the Lord…but not necessarily judgement but forgiveness.that day of the Lord was celabtated at the cross.judment was realized to the other one.

Judgment for me would be all my stearing wheels lined up to tell me the vocal oath I’ve shouted and cried.

When I write about my depression there is always an ending , a pointing I’ve treid to place in there to the cross.

We all have a Nathan, who’s yours.

The one who tells like it is draws the conclusion that you know but the telling is more.

Restoration is available, says ,Joel. The lost time is restored


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