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parked in

the door closes in my brief moment of making “it” right. left yet again in my introverted insecurities i fail to meet my own or anybodies expectation. i get so mad at drivers who feel its their duty to direct

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Monday A.M.

really six already, o no its just 12:30 at six i cant believe i have to get out of bed and function. mild depression registered, get it together. she’ll be at work and you need to be their in case

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time out

one of the best lines i heard this weekend was to take time to conscientiously examine what one is thankful for. I’m reminded often from one gentleman that he is thankful just to open his eyes in the morning and

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bus tripping

Got  to the bus  Stop Before The Bus Arrived Always A good sign. A Lady, near by, IS Beckoned To A Passing Slow Moving Car. She approaches, Quickly She Turns Saying Over And Over, No,No,No. Would Imagine Drugs For Sale

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