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Just so you’ll know  o Theophilus.  I was stratagizing about all the cool workouts I was going to do. I love lifting weights. So now I’ve a nother plan. I’m gaining resolve to go at it.  Then as if God

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time out

one of the best lines i heard this weekend was to take time to conscientiously examine what one is thankful for. I’m reminded often from one gentleman that he is thankful just to open his eyes in the morning and

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Multiple Finger hyperextension

It was annoying. The morning was frustrated. At lunch I wanted to chat with others but to no help, I was derailed by a dominant chit chatter. Walking away lest I get really verbally mean, was the best solution. A

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Fitness at 58

As my body is in the shut down mode, the importance of exercises can not be underplayed. The aging process of respiratory change, capillary system hardening so oxygen doesn’t transfer from lungs to blood well, falling arches making shoe selection

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Take The Mountain

On the fourth of seven amazing hills, me and my bike where one. My stomach and body started to forgive me for binging Thursday night, and I was feeling very appreciative of life. This particular hill on Snake Hill Road

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fitness over 50/second fit test/insanity

whew, two full weeks, and the realization im getting worried each time i start a workout. worried like the sick feeling before track in high school, like i really don’t want t do this, and i am going to get

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fitness over 50

I’m into my second week of insanity. i had to stop a week to get over a summer cold….blah. so i restarted it last week. I’m on the road this week so i have been using the lap top for

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