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living in grief

Some place i need to be to speak to your ears that cant hear me. your ears hear the heavenly stuff, i only hear tinnitus. A walk in the wild flower preserve of shenk’s ferry suggests a place to talk

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Joy killing brain intoxicated chain. Blame it on my geans . Na It’s my own damn fault. Hank Williams  country singers they have something Joy..happiness a gift from God. Is it that I’m not seaped into His person? Physical pain,

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time out

one of the best lines i heard this weekend was to take time to conscientiously examine what one is thankful for. I’m reminded often from one gentleman that he is thankful just to open his eyes in the morning and

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Grief Kayaking

Grief kayaking Your terrified self is trying to develop suction cups to hold on to the kayak frame. You want to be like Boston Ivy that attaches fast to the brick of your home. Holding on to the thin frame

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thankfull in grief

A year has gone by since my moms death. Its been some time since i got chocked but I was ambushed by grief a couple days ago. A friend mentioned she was praying for me this week, because she remembered

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