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Huddle please

Teams need to huddle to make all the parts work effectively. So do business and church or any place people are gathered to do a function. Profit or non we need to have a leader and a plan from the

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Monday PM

Finally the boss leaves for another location. I can get some production logged into the computer. Need to walk around houses with manager to point out what to move where so production can keep going. Back to the computer. Walk

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Monday A.M.

really six already, o no its just 12:30 at six i cant believe i have to get out of bed and function. mild depression registered, get it together. she’ll be at work and you need to be their in case

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Warrior Poet; A Series

The back ground will come latter to this new but old resolution. At work already , injustice occurs with a consistency by one and not dealt with by his boss. Fly off and yell. that will just …….. the moron.

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restored, confirmed, strengthened and established

That is quite a list but its all of our inner desires. There will be a time when I know I will be all these things R.C.S.E. for short. It took me three readings straight through of 1st Peter to

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get along at the work place

judging by the responses today, from three separate people, about an “incident”. I believe no malice was intended but misunderstandings abounded. When in relationships and that includes the work place relationship, we start to add thought after thought about what others

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