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Just so you’ll know  o Theophilus.  I was stratagizing about all the cool workouts I was going to do. I love lifting weights. So now I’ve a nother plan. I’m gaining resolve to go at it.  Then as if God

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There is a point of awareness that comes in times of , well just weekly, to early, yet the mind is far from slumber. Awaken to questions and inner peril. I could play church and tell you I awaken to

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Trumpets to her

She grow up in a household third of seven siblings never remembering a time where singing wasn’t a daily joy at the sink doing dishes or around the piano. That’s at least her first eighteen years. In junior high and

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hate to love

daily prompt: hate to love. At this moment, its that want to be in a croud of people, vs the I hate to meet people. Those times of meet and greet strangers. It’s easier at trade shows because there’s a

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Church and death

Lives in the pew. Spools of Different colors, sizes,ages,textures…..individual,unique. Each a different destiny each hearing a different sermon…..individual,unique. Some have their lives, or should, young hardly used;some the thread is almost gone,not much of life left…..individual, unique. Dwelling now in

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time out

one of the best lines i heard this weekend was to take time to conscientiously examine what one is thankful for. I’m reminded often from one gentleman that he is thankful just to open his eyes in the morning and

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Multiple Finger hyperextension

It was annoying. The morning was frustrated. At lunch I wanted to chat with others but to no help, I was derailed by a dominant chit chatter. Walking away lest I get really verbally mean, was the best solution. A

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