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Zone when it’s all pleasure

Im lost in the zone, when tending the garden. The perennial plants we grow, seeing how they like Pennsylvania,, so I can blog about them and talk about them to customers.   Posted from WordPress for Android Advertisements

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sweet kate year after year

Tradescantia Sweet Kate.  Bright yellow foliage in the sun, Blue flowers in mid may into summer. This is aglow in my garden. A very low maintenance plant this plant can handle moist soils and even close to bog situations. my yard is average

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Tiarella and old roots

Old root problem? Don’t try to kill your mower, plant it up. Try this “River series ” of Tiarella. Alow the Tiarella to flow along side that old root and brighten  up  planting path under that tree. I used to

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Polemonium Touch of Class

Polemonium Touch Of Class here is three years old in southeastern pa. It’s in a well-drained area that gets full sun and dry winters. It is next to the building which give it a moderation in temperature. usually Polemonium like part shade,

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Daily Prompt: The Transporter

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood. I work daily in a transporter room. It’s a greenhouse, a large A frame structure with pipes, red wood

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before 8 am. 3/16/11

This was my first blog two years ago, I left as a draft. Dark where is the sun? walked down to Queen st. bus stop. Replanted city sidewalk containers with Helleborus and pansy glowing in the street lights.  Got on the number

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Delosperma Beaufort West

Delosperma Beaufort West an alpine of South Africa. Beufort West is a town in South Africa in the western cape provence. This delosperma forms pink flowers with white eyes over mounds of dark green foliage in spring and summer. It

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