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The last five years has been a turbulence of pain, physically and emotionally. Let me be clear from the onset, I know my only hope in life a death is that I belong to Jesus the Lord. Four years ago,I

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Nathan and joel

I’m not depressed! These two prophets spoke to me. It’s ok, the prophet Joel speaks of locust devoring a crop(a person) in three degrees. Landing chewing smashing…well sorta. It’s like sin, how it seaps in surrounds, gets into one and

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Originally posted on gasping for air:
Joy killing brain intoxicated chain. Blame it on my geans . Na It’s my own damn fault. Hank Williams  country singers they have something Joy..happiness a gift from God. Is it that I’m not…

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My bleeding 💓

its a long road at 62. Friends die , friendships faid. Realizing you’ll never make the pure of heart team. But then again I’m not in the tri-outs. Some one took my place, and placed me on The team. Why

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Originally posted on gasping for air:
“A friend may well be reckoned a masterpiece of nature”. Emerson wrote. death of a friend or family member leaves you alone. obviously i guess, but since my mom died shortly before thanksgiving i…

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Sticky vs slimy

The day ended in a snowy 2+ inches. Drawing traffic here in Lancaster to a crawl. I watched and was engrossed in work as everyone in the office got in their cars and went home. Dreading the bus commute ,

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Pearl drops

Son therapist.  Sunshine, as morning arrives, glance at the first light.while the sun is low enough not to hurt the eyes.  Therapy for a torn soul. Eyes the window of the soul. Light from the source will raise the joy

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