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Pearl drops

Son therapist.  Sunshine, as morning arrives, glance at the first light.while the sun is low enough not to hurt the eyes.  Therapy for a torn soul. Eyes the window of the soul. Light from the source will raise the joy

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speckled hens

this era of time called old age is a fight of sanity. those things held as canon are torched if miss aligned from their respective reality. such as i don’t smoke or drink because i’m a christian. christian prison some

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Joy killing brain intoxicated chain. Blame it on my geans . Na It’s my own damn fault. Hank Williams  country singers they have something Joy..happiness a gift from God. Is it that I’m not seaped into His person? Physical pain,

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good Fri

This is Joel Good Friday lesson alone with Dutchman breaches. This is the time the captives are free. Our savior alone doing his father’s will. Bringing his church to freedom. Let your light so shine before men. Jonah over people

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How the West Was Won by Melinda

Originally posted on QuidNunc/QuidTunc?:
So I just finished watching ‘The West’, the documentary by Ken Burns. I have watched probably an inordinate amount of KB documentaries in the past year because I had the time on my hands. I…

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It shouldn’t be blue or red. It aways appears to be on a crusade. Will it stop? We need a rename a reintroduction. We suffer by placing tags on people, are you in our click or are you one of

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As I was driving my car to pick up my Amish freinds I was considering all the Amish communities turmoil over the last year’s.  Two guys and I meet for coffee and encouraging words from each other.we talk of Gods

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