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Huddle please

Teams need to huddle to make all the parts work effectively. So do business and church or any place people are gathered to do a function. Profit or non we need to have a leader and a plan from the

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Monday A.M.

really six already, o no its just 12:30 at six i cant believe i have to get out of bed and function. mild depression registered, get it together. she’ll be at work and you need to be their in case

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Multiple Finger hyperextension

It was annoying. The morning was frustrated. At lunch I wanted to chat with others but to no help, I was derailed by a dominant chit chatter. Walking away lest I get really verbally mean, was the best solution. A

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Finding self in a pond

I was building my first pond. A back yard water feature big enough to swim in. Equipped with a water fall and short stream. it was a refuge for the client and the builder. I got the job just as

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Warrior Poet; A Series

The back ground will come latter to this new but old resolution. At work already , injustice occurs with a consistency by one and not dealt with by his boss. Fly off and yell. that will just …….. the moron.

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Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

When faced with confrontation, do you head for the hills or walk straight in? Was there ever a time you wished you’d had the opposite reaction? Guns blazing in the dust all out war declared. Then hurt forlorn in to

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Another bus ride

Harry potter will no doubt be getting on soon. The bus whips side to side and lurches at each rpm. Mixed feelings today. My uncle wrote a great blog on grace. The eclectic pebble. IM secure in life and death

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