It shouldn’t be blue or red. It aways appears to be on a crusade.

Will it stop? We need a rename a reintroduction.

We suffer by placing tags on people, are you in our click or are you one of us beleiver?  We engage in pegging people and dismissing people. Do we?

We shoot our wounded, an elder told me once. Men’s groups to me have been nothing more then a personality types pushing an agenda , not beconing us fringe types in, but suggesting we get a job or get counseling.

The gospel is Jesus the son of God, and son of man, reconciled me to God the Father, because God loves me.

I’ve been taught covertly that the doctrines are how one gauges the gospel. Rather then looking at doctrine from the gospel.

I’m not a Christian by who I vote for, or what denomination I attend, or even if I where to miraculously not sin.

What will the church look like in 15 years? Will it be totally dismissed as relevant? As it almost is now.

I am a Christian because I cling to what Jesus did. Period.

What is church to you?

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church stuff

he said its not working. this way of getting a church to grow. if you build they will come…motto of church congregational increase. …..what was the first clue? is church relevant to the populates? no.

what is? the love of Jesus! the people; the people that can only breath in the context of Jesus love. that’s what makes the difference.

then those people in the community can over flow that love to others.

the problem and fear most of us Christians see is the lack of biblical knowledge that is permeating the society we live in. knowledge of a a communion..the savior breaking bread with sinners like me.

only when the congregants see that they are just like them can there be a revival. a relevance to church and its place in a community.

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As I was driving my car to pick up my Amish freinds I was considering all the Amish communities turmoil over the last year’s. 

Two guys and I meet for coffee and encouraging words from each other.we talk of Gods mercy. we share what’s happening in our lives ups and downs. They are a couple of genuine brothers in Christ. And there Amish.

Turmoil in the form of children being murdered, family falsely accused of harming a child which proved to be a vitamin deficiency, cancer, death, having to be asked about their supposed mafia,depression and more.

How do they cope? My friends response is one of reliant on Jesus. 

Their community isn’t that different from others. There’s believers in Jesus’s sole ability to save and keep and others who plain feel they have to purge themselves and make themselves pure before God.

Is there an evangelist for the Amish? My mentor asked many years ago knowing I was moving here. I thought of my grandmother who I think thought, or conveyed to me anyway that cleanliness is godliness and we should all be pure like the Amish.

I’ve been to their funerals, weddings and have interacted with a few. When we go have dinner with our Amish freinds I do value the time as a reality check.

I don’t feel everyone who is not like me religious ly is not saved. I did think that at a time. It’s not my job to save anyone. It’s my job to exhibit Jesus myself so He can work in others around me.

Pursue friendship’s with people different from yourselves.its a good thing.

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gasping for air

Overwhelmed by affection when I feel so low lost destroyed and unreachable.

It starts with really not caring if church happens for me or not. It dissolved in the first song. My inner distrust of myself. Singing with others taken up in song lyric, in the instruments plucking strumming and tapping…….vibrates through my body cleansing it by its rhythmic powers.

I don’t understand , but I believe, how I can be loved by a God who knows my every thought is evil,and selfish.

First John spells it out now in a sermon. Fellowship always needs to include sameness, love in a shared purpose. As we sang the first song it get revealed when I see the hands go up. The swaying to the tune the visable singing out with closed eyes.
Intimate, joy and peace. Our world is not redeemed around us. disappointed we still will get, … the people…

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doing church

It’s not like I’m switching denominations. It’s that I’m responding to the gospel anew. 

Spending 42 years in a reformed and Presbyterian denomination has taught me valuable lessons on approaching the scripture has a whole. Being aware of history and how doctrine is understandable and necessary. And over all answering a question of purpose.

Handling burnout is a challenge. Spending the last eight or so years in an urban church plant, stretched us all. Our stereotypical tendencies brought forward to be smashed by a real gospel. A time in my life when I end up doing more stuff in church then I should. A time where there are no little people is played out in relational diaconal work. Where God’s mercy is bigger then my up turned nose.

Trinity Lutheran Church surprised me. Stepping out of a safe reformed and Presbyterian is scary. Will I find proper handling of Scripture,or false doctrine, or people shallow in their world life veiw as it relates to God’s Providence?

What I am finding is allot of what I’ve been longing for since my friend Tim died;  real people excepting dialogue, out side an institutional box. 

A service slightly different each week, filled with hymns ,literagy,kneeling and air-conditioning. A service attached to the church calendar and yet spontaneous with current events responses.

We have visited almost ten times and have been refreshed in the spirit, each time. 

It’s being shown Jesus, in scensory ways of music,responsive reading,kneeling at communion,responding to a somewhat scripted yet personality infused service. It’s also being challenged to preach the gospel to myself. It’s hearing the word. And being shown Jesus. 

Don’t get me wrong these elements where there at the presbyterian church. Yet the intensionally built service and the drawing of participants within the service wasn’t. The burn out causes a wall to go up to actually being able to worship! That’s the problem.

I long for the Gospel daily to be in fussed into each moments structure and to be real in my mind. Each church can supply that, However God is using a Lutheran Church to show me himself, to challenge my denominational preconceived notions.

I’m 60, some times I want to get back to the garden real bad.

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at 60

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a collection of thoughts come with the age. i’m not as wise as i thought id be. there’s songs about turning seventeen but not 60.

burned-out at work and everywhere pretty much, but not really in marriage.burn out is punctuated by hopelessness,anxiety,exhaustion,frustrated and cynicism and increased irritability.

However, concurrent with the apathy and frustration, living within the same mind;a hopeful reality of being rescued, reconciled and presented holy underlines and beats at the worn out trajectory of my thoughts. I started a mens group on fb to weekly read through a book of the bible. colossians 1 is a hopeful display of real people with bad thoughts and actions rescued, reconciled and made holy by Jesus, solely through faith. bad actions and thoughts didn’t miraculously stop they didn’t become cloud surfing harpist, but they where given hope, in the midst of living real lives.

marriage is a life long working out of relationship. Its a display to the world of what i think the church and Christ relationship looks like. messing up, forgiving; steadfast,failing;singing ,crying……loving each other even if only based on vows, when we show our hidden badness in words or action or no words or non action.

exercising if, well, it starts over each morning. a friend is remembering the veterans who end their own lives. 22 each day. so he is doing and posting on fb 22 push ups for 22 days. its a challenge so i’m joining doing 22 push ups each day. walking is about the only consistency. so i get on and off the bus and walk a bit extra.


my 10 year old grandson wants to be the first deaf president:

Partnering with ‪#‎NyleDiMarco‬ Convo is hosting a competition: what is your dream and why? Ellis wants to be the first Deaf president. Convo


Hello, my name is Ellis and I’m 10 years old. I’m from Massachusetts and I go to school at The Learning Center. My dream is to be the first male Deaf president of the United States of America for 3 reasons. The first being pollution; on the side of highways there is so much trash. That hurts animals which is really bad. I want the trash to be picked up and areas cleaned up. The second reason is the state of our country is declining because people are being lazy. I want to encourage people to work together to improve the state of our country to make it a better place to live. The third reason is that rich people and poor people are not equal. I want money to be taken from taxes on the rich to be given to poor people so that everyone can live equally.


Now  that’s awesome. I want to be his gardener.

I actually think i’m doing what i wanted to do at 10. just not at the same place i dreamed with the same people. growing plants in a general way.!

i’m feeling good about these grand kids and children.

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