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Church and death

Lives in the pew. Spools of Different colors, sizes,ages,textures…..individual,unique. Each a different destiny each hearing a different sermon…..individual,unique. Some have their lives, or should, young hardly used;some the thread is almost gone,not much of life left…..individual, unique. Dwelling now in

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Preserve me through my self inflicting pain. I’ll call to you , now that you’re available. The confluence of rushing waters of emotion cloud thought and over shadow even tinnitus in my head. There is always a path, yet even

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At 58…don’t be late.

Death doesn’t scare me. Not even from an illness or a crash. I almost wish for it. Why, be so carless? Do i just want to hasten the afterlife in a pleasant place or just to stop being here? I

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Grief Kayaking

Grief kayaking Your terrified self is trying to develop suction cups to hold on to the kayak frame. You want to be like Boston Ivy that attaches fast to the brick of your home. Holding on to the thin frame

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thankfull in grief

A year has gone by since my moms death. Its been some time since i got chocked but I was ambushed by grief a couple days ago. A friend mentioned she was praying for me this week, because she remembered

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my my my

Our four year old church was singing it out one Sunday down in the hood. The city of Lancaster, yes its still a hood with row houses and a mixed group of people, that if all you knew is white,

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grief- a new life

my dear friend, I grieved just circulating the card for you. I knew I couldn’t make it through a viewing or service, even if I didn’t know anyone but you.I thought I was getting a handle on it but it’s

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