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I’m walking snow covered to the bus. Pass my car that has a hard time on flat snowy roads. Identifying with so many, that walk the ice patchy snow covered uneven walks, just to get to a store, prescription bus

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Feeling sad, awakened with eyes hurting, glory comes through. An employee quit and it leaves me questioning my ability. Why do I take things so hard? I know the truth but I feel the worst. Its like a grieving ambush.

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At 58

Your not including me in your circle, are you. Some of you wonder at all the cool activities there are to do, now, you aren’t noticing my hand on the stabilizer wheel of your hopeful joy. My language has turned

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The streets are actually getting brighter, in the scrambling crawl to the bus, with the sun making an earlier appearance. Inadequacies get smothered, just a bit, in the crisp 35 degree air, when the sun shines. Dylan’s “A New Morning

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Grief Kayaking

Grief kayaking Your terrified self is trying to develop suction cups to hold on to the kayak frame. You want to be like Boston Ivy that attaches fast to the brick of your home. Holding on to the thin frame

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thankfull in grief

A year has gone by since my moms death. Its been some time since i got chocked but I was ambushed by grief a couple days ago. A friend mentioned she was praying for me this week, because she remembered

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Take The Mountain

On the fourth of seven amazing hills, me and my bike where one. My stomach and body started to forgive me for binging Thursday night, and I was feeling very appreciative of life. This particular hill on Snake Hill Road

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