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In The Wake of Weakening Muscles/ GOING TO LOCK-UP

It was a whim response to a “would you consider helping us raise money for Muscular Dystrophy” . Not really knowing about the disease and just hearing a free lunch was involved i said yes. Lock-up is when they, an organization,

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Fitness after 56 or so

Completed a planet fitness circuit today the third this week. Between each machine I do a minute of Shawn T fitnesss. Hysman,ski,jacks suicides. I don’t bother with the steps PF provids, when IM tiered I run in place. At each

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fitness over 50/second fit test/insanity

whew, two full weeks, and the realization im getting worried each time i start a workout. worried like the sick feeling before track in high school, like i really don’t want t do this, and i am going to get

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fitness over 50

I’m into my second week of insanity. i had to stop a week to get over a summer cold….blah. so i restarted it last week. I’m on the road this week so i have been using the lap top for

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Fitness over 50 : insanity day 1

It started today with a fit test. A 60 dayplus  work out routine from shawn T  and beach body. High intensity…insanity. today was the fit test to see how fit i am and to measure up coming weeks. 8 moves

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Daily Prompt: Tagline

Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be? Sensitive, 5 % of males, introvert, fearful, cyclist, gardener, propagator of plants, lustful, sinner, saved from eternal separation from God, empathetic, judgmental, caring, faithful,

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fitness over 50…punk

week three of trying to downsize the waste line , plus….. this week I did 3— 45 minutes cardio machines. arc trainer, elliptical and bike. And I am wondering why I feel so tired after an every other cardio event.

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