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the door closes in my brief moment of making “it” right. left yet again in my introverted insecurities i fail to meet my own or anybodies expectation. i get so mad at drivers who feel its their duty to direct

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awakened to the chirp of the catalyst. yawning reached for the cube to turn off that chirpy birdie. down on the floor for 25 situps over for 30 pushups. cycled that twice up on feet reaching for the water knowing

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Preserve me through my self inflicting pain. I’ll call to you , now that you’re available. The confluence of rushing waters of emotion cloud thought and over shadow even tinnitus in my head. There is always a path, yet even

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Broken, born a sinner. Speechless bow to the God who sent his majestic is your name o God, what is man that thou  art mindful of him. Came early had keys unlocked doors for Sunday school teachers. Set up

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Fitness at 58

As my body is in the shut down mode, the importance of exercises can not be underplayed. The aging process of respiratory change, capillary system hardening so oxygen doesn’t transfer from lungs to blood well, falling arches making shoe selection

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In The Wake of Weakening Muscles/ GOING TO LOCK-UP

It was a whim response to a “would you consider helping us raise money for Muscular Dystrophy” . Not really knowing about the disease and just hearing a free lunch was involved i said yes. Lock-up is when they, an organization,

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A fourth long ago

By july fourth, the annuals where pretty much winding down in sales. This is when the marigolds 6 inch pots and mixed geranium pots came in to their own. Ivy geranium baskets still where aound hoping for that need a

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