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Growing up in the greenhouse industry. I’ve seen quite a few operations in various parts of the country. In most every one there is an older guy, that has been there forever. Aaron was where I am now. He knew

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restored, confirmed, strengthened and established

That is quite a list but its all of our inner desires. There will be a time when I know I will be all these things R.C.S.E. for short. It took me three readings straight through of 1st Peter to

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get along at the work place

judging by the responses today, from three separate people, about an “incident”. I believe no malice was intended but misunderstandings abounded. When in relationships and that includes the work place relationship, we start to add thought after thought about what others

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Daily Prompt: Escape!

Describe your ultimate escape plan (and tell us what you’re escaping from). annoyances at work. I’m retreating now watching hockey and having a Lancaster brewery’s milk stout, with humus. It would have been the gym but there is a flat

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changes ; daily prompt

You need to make a major change in your life. Do you make it all at once, cold turkey What is life but a bit of chaNGE EVERYDAY? Like a cap key that changes its mind. And since when is

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daily prompt. ready set go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. A card. The second from my coworkers in three months. They know i am in grief. im quiet and

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