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thankfull in grief

A year has gone by since my moms death. Its been some time since i got chocked but I was ambushed by grief a couple days ago. A friend mentioned she was praying for me this week, because she remembered

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mom missing

A carousal of flash backs eroding my composure. Your only history, the only child. I saw you pass, I saw your last meal, I read you the last scripture. You where gasping for air, we where helpless. The transport was there

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Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson

  National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse. fog drizzle and rain mark this day that day was warmth from sun ray remembering them who have gone inner crying

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grief ambush

It seems not to care where I am, or what I am doing. It was in church and we where singing Rock of Ages, the James Ward tune. The lines “and soar to worlds un known” get me all the

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grief- a new life

my dear friend, I grieved just circulating the card for you. I knew I couldn’t make it through a viewing or service, even if I didn’t know anyone but you.I thought I was getting a handle on it but it’s

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Daily prompt. Places

The beach of the Gulf of Mexico, treasure island,Madeira beach,Clearwater…my growing up play ground. Mom and me, it was the after school destination. We lived 2 miles away, barely a warm up for our 68 mustang. The sun baked deap

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Your father died

james swain my stepdad for two years dead at 52 from a split aorta, in 1973. March first.He was a cop for the Largo sheriff department, he was a wrestler at wwf. he was a concrete dispatcher. He played the bass guitar

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